DIPLO cased glass jar

DIPLO cased glass jar


Design and handcrafted in Italy.

Create beautiful things without getting caught up in the dispiriting materialism: the process of making with glass is subject to the uncontrollable laws of temperature, chemical mixtures, flexibility of the material, all coming together to give rise to one-of-a-kind objects that have the potential to define an interior space, enhancing the surrounding.
Diplo is a glass jar handmade in the venetian isle of Murano using the incamiciato (cased glass) technique, obtained by superimposing several layers of colour overlapped by a layer of lattimo (white glass), in such a way that the inside of the vase is different from the outside. The final coloring is vivid, lucid and compact.

Made in Murano, Venice.
Each piece is individually mouth blown.
Sizes and shapes vary slightly; subtle markings and small air bubbles may be seen in the glass.
Measure: Ø cm 7,6 (3”) x H cm 11 (4.3″)
Weight: 500 gr

Care: wash by hand

E.U. Price € 131,15 - Non E.U. Price € 160

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