LIDO dining set

LIDO dining set


€ 38,00 (E.U. Price)
€ 31,15 (Non-E.U. Price) 

The Lido, is a tiny stretch of land between the venetian lagoon and the Adriatic sea. Well know for the Film Festival which the first edition was held in 1932, the island with a rich Art Noveau heritage and long tree-lined boulevards, became more populated during the 60’s with la Dolce Vita.
This dining set with its scalloped shape, is an homage at this relaxed atmosphere during the 1960s and add a vintage touch at any mise en place.

The set is composed by one placemat and one napkin.

Design, woven and made in Italy

  • placemat 34 x 48 cm (13" x 19″)

  • napkin 48 x 48 cm (19" x 19″)

  • jacquard yarn-dyed woven in linen and cotton blends

  • scalloped edge

  • machine washable at 40°

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Our wash & care tips:
We suggest using mild detergent, and neither bleach or softener. When you wash it for the first time, soak it first in cold water, just for a couple of minutes and then wash it with warm water. After that, you can go up to 40°C. Gently tumble dry. Iron when still damp. With all cleaning methods, a shrinkage of 3 to 10% may happen. Do not forget that fabrics tend to fade if placed in direct sunlight.

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