NIDO towel

NIDO towel

from 14.75

Hand towel cm 55 x 110 (22" x 43")
€ 45,00 (E.U. Price)
€ 36,88 (Non-E.U. Price)

Medium towel cm 40 x 60 (16" x 24")
€ 18,00 (E.U. Price)
€ 14,75 (Non-E.U. Price)

Design, woven and made in Italy

  • jacquard yarn-dyed woven in 50% linen 50% cotton
  • hemstitched finishing
  • machine washable at 40°
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Our fabrics are hand-crafted in Italy and woven exclusively with natural fibres. What at first sight may appear to be imperfections are not in fact flaws but characteristic, enhancing his natural attributes. We suggest to use mild detergent, no bleach or softener. At the first washing, soak it in cold water and then wash it in warm water. After you can go up to 40°C. Gently tumble dry. Pressed when still damp. With all cleaning methods allowances should be made for shrinkage of between 3-10%. Fabrics can fade if placed in direct sunlight.