PERSICO napkin

PERSICO napkin


€ 19,00 (E.U. Price)
€ 15,57 (Non-E.U. Price)


Inspired by the Rainbow Mountains in the peruvian region of Vinicunca.
Persico napkins are made in Italy with a high quality fibers, yarn-dyed following our colours recipe.
The colours are “indanthren”, which means a range of dyes with maximum fastness to light, washing and chlorine, also awarded a solid result even after many washings also at high temperature; except the red tones (col. Porpora and col. Olmo) washable at maximum 60° degrees.

This fabric is also suitable for table cloths.
Send here your colour preference and your table’s measurements to have a quotation.

Design, woven and made in Italy

  • 49 x 49 cm (20" x 20″)

  • 100% pre-washed crushed yarn-dyed linen

  • yarn-dyed linen gr 141 (Master of Linen quality)

  • no ironing needed

  • machine washable from 40° to 90° degrees

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Persico table cloth in col. Porpora at Tenuta San Giuliano, Sicily


How we love match Persico napkins:

Our fabrics are hand-crafted in Italy and woven exclusively with natural fibres. What may appear to be imperfections are in fact characteristics, enhancing the natural attributes of the fabric. We suggest using mild detergent, and neither bleach nor softener. When you wash it for the first time, soak it first in cold water, then wash it with warm water. After that, you can go up to 60° - 90°. Gently tumble dry. Iron when still damp. With all cleaning methods, a shrinkage of 3 to 10% may happen.