Left: “Porta” upholstered sofa, Amsterdam. ©Rachel Van Der Brug
Center and Right: “Vitis” and “Maba” cushions, “Padova” bed cover made in linen/cotton at Marianna Kennedy’s home in Spitalfields, London. ©Annie Schlechter

Left: “Maba” bedspread at Annie Schlechter’s home in New York City. ©Annie Schlechter
Center: linen bed sheets, wool/cotton bedspreads and cushion in Venice, Italy. ©Milda Bendoraityte
Right: “Padova” bedspread at Cheryl Mowinckel’s loft in New York City. ©Eric Boman

Left: “Costanza jacquard fabric” for the Turkish room at the Marc de Montalembert Foundation in Rhodes.
Center: “Zig Zag BU” curtains in a private home in Menorca, Balearic Islands.